Alfonzo Tucker proudly proclaims himself as a product of the California Foster Care System. He credits the love of his foster parents (Michael and Dana Darling) as the foundation of his inspiration. Alfonzo is also given guidance from his first Foster Care mother (Linda Reaves) and acknowledges her as being the first positive African American woman in his life. Another woman, (Nancy Cisenros) who was the judge that governed Alfonzo’s journey through the Fresno County Department of Social Services, became his surrogate mother.


A note from the author:
In spite of never knowing the tone of my biological mothers voice or the feel of her embrace, I have been blessed to share love with three women whom I know adore me as their son! Dana, Linda and Nancy have encouraged and shared with me more affection and direction than I could ever imagine. I am appreciative of their choice to love and continued love of me.