Past Engagements

” ” Kappa Founders Day Party 1/3/04..
” ” Hoover High School’s Football Team on 1/05/04..
12/10/03 Rainbow Center Oakland
2/27/04 NOESIS release party
3/06/04 speaking engagement for Sac county independent living skills (Sarah darling)
3/20/04  vendor booth and speaking event at St. Paul’s Church in Oakland.
3/23/04  Speaking engagement in Fresno with the Mental Health Foundation for Children.
3/23/04  Speaking engagement @ the Fresno Dakota Community School with Fresno Unity Group homes.
4/18/04 speaking engagement Mt. Zion Church in Oakland
4/19/04  Comcast television show regarding Noesis/book public speaking with Jocelyn Farrow.
4/29/04  Western Province KAPsi vender booth for sales of Noesis
5/01/04  speaking engagement for Fresno Probation Camp @ Base Lake for Lashawn. Pg-E
5/11/04  speaking Engagement for Independent living Skills foster Care grads of Fresno County.
5/15/04 Speaking engagement Fresno City College certificate of achievement ceremony.
5/24/04  speaking engagement for Dr. Zormat at Fresno Social service Board of Supervisors.
6/26/04  Donald P McCallum youth court speaking event Oakland..
7/10/04 Donald P McCallum youth court speaking event Oakland
7/15/04 speaking event for youth camp @ Mills College
8/04/04 speaker for the Camp Belong group foster care in Sonora.
8/14/04 speaking with the Fresno High Football team
8/17/04  speaker at the Inglewood Southside Church of Christ
9/11/04  Donald P McCallum youth court speaking event Oakland
9/22/04 E.O.C Fresno
10/10/04 Calif State Foster Parent Convention (Fresno) Keynote.
10/27/04 California Youth Authority
Stockton CA for the D.E.A. N.A.Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility.
11/13/04  Donald P. McCallum Youth Court event in Oakland
11/13/04  keynote speaker Antioch youth event

01/15/05  Donald P. McCallum Youth Court event in Oakland
02/03/05 Sunny Side Youth Center event in Oakland.
02/05/05  Noesis Review Party @ the Linen Life Art Gallery
02/12/05 Donald P. McCallum Youth Court event in Oakland
02/26/05  100 Black Men inc. Sacramento State
03/12/05 Donald P. McCallum Youth Court event in Oakland
04/09/05 Donald P. McCallum Youth Court event in Oakland
05/03/05 Sacramento Ca Independent living program CSUS
05/14/05  Donald P. McCallum Youth Court event in Oakland
05/20/05  ILP Grad Woodland Ca
05/21/05  100 Black Men Inc. Sacramento Ca. scholarship luncheon
05/24/05 Cabrillo High School Long Beach Ca.
05/27/05 Alexander Book Company San Francisco Ca
05/00/05 CO CO MO Show (Berkley)
06/03/05 ILP Graduation San Jose
06/10/05 Noesis induction at Oakland African American Museum
06/14/05 DeAnza Jr. College Cupertino Ca. Miss. Guinn
06/18/05 Oakland African American Museum community Forum
06/19/05 Oakland African American Museum Fathers day
06/25/05 Sonoma State Teen Forum
07/03/05 Phone Interview W/ Jania of “Getting Ready New Paper”
08/04/05 Imperial County/San Diego Teen Forum
08/20/05 Judge Ms. Miss. Urban Ca.
08/25/05 Story Tell Event Park Ave Linen Life Art Gallery
08/26/05 Book Signing “Under Ground Book Store” Sacramento Ca
09/03/05 Panel Discussion AAML Oakland Ca.
10/18/05 Kings Canyon Jr. High Fresno Ca (AM students PM Staff)
10/22/05 African American Museum Meet the Author Night. Oakland
10/25/05 Audio Archive interviewed at the AAMLO  (the first in history)..
10/27/05 Corner Stone Youth Center Fresno (428 people attended).
12/03/05 Bethany Baptist Church Oakland Ca. Keynote Speaker.
12/11/05 Guest Poet Speaker for the Oakland Black Art Gallery tour. Thelma Harris Art Gallery.

01/08/06 Linen Life Speaking event collaborators meeting
01/27/06 Barnes & Noble book signing “Jack London Square” Oakland.
3/16/06 Solano County Probation “New Foundations”.
3/25/06 American River Jc. ILP Sacramento (keynote Speaker)
3/26/06 Bay Ventures Art Gallery (Hayward/Fairview)
4/20/06 Mission High School, San Francisco
4/21/06 (am) Ida B Wells high school, San Francisco
4/21/06 (pm) John O’Connell  high school, San Francisco
4/22/06 John L. Burris panel discussion @ AAML
5/17/06 Yuba College/Marysville Social services
5/17/06 Yuba College ILP celebration
5/18/06 San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton Ca.
5/19/06 ILP – Woodland Ca
6/03/06   100Black Men scholarship Luncheon. Keynote.
6/05/06  Solano County Juvenile Hall
6/25/06 Turning Pages Book Club (Alameda, Yacht trip)
7/09/06 Fresno State Univ. Rally (wrestling program)
7/11/06 “The Maleena Lawrence Show” Comcast Contra Costa County
7/18/06   Seven Step Alameda County Parole (Hayward)
7/22/06 Harlem Book Fair, New York
7/26/06 San Francisco Public Library
8/12/06 Sista’s N Motion (Richmond)
8/12/06 Poetry Event AAMLO (Oakland)
8/21/06  Radio interview “Opio” Bay Area/San Francisco
9/6/06 “United Negro College Fund Inc” Emeryville Ca
9/18/06 interview  (w/ Chandra)
9/22/06 CoCo Mo Show Berkeley Ca.
10/20/06 Antioch Ca. The Pizzazz Group
11/03/06  Merced Jr. College
12/14/06 San Jose Ca, Comcast Book tv.

2/26/07 Alameda Dept. of Probation (Hayward)
3/01/07 Alameda Dept. Of Probation (Oakland 98th youth center)
3/30/07  Booker T Washington Film Project.
4/19/07  Paul Mitchell Modeling San Jose
4/26/07  San Bernardino Social Service convention.
5/03/07 Fresno County Child Family services
5/12/07 Filming/Critic Medium Rare(28 weeks later).
5/12/07 Modeling event 100 BlackMen
5/24/07  Opening Speaker for Les Brown (Emeryville Ca)
6/05/07 Interview with Kasi Lemmons director of “Talk to Me”
7/15/07 Filming/Critic Medium Rare(Eve Bayou).
8/27/07 Filming Medium Rara (Fur, Bad Faith).
8/28/07 Seven Step Parolees @ 475 Medford ave Hayward
9/09/07  Photo shoot for short film “the document”.
9/22/07 Skin Is In – Modeling event 1933 Broadway ave.
10/19/07  Book Signing Alexander Book Store San Francisco.
11/08/07 KPFA FM-Radio interview  1929 Martin Luther King Jr. Way Berkeley Ca 4:30pm  Safi Wa Nairobi

1/30/08 Poetry Event 4616 Rockingham Ct. Oakland  Ca Linen Life presents Alfonzo Tucker
2/09/08 African American Museum Library of Oakland Event for Youth.
2/29/08 African American Museum and Library Book Signing
3/07/08 SRO (Student Run Oakland) awards diner Key Note speaker
3/18/08 WRAP CAMP, Family First inc. Fresno Ca.
3/26/08 San Francisco “WestSide Community Services”  Keynote Breakfast awards
3/28/08 Health Ambassador Graduation Ceremony, “La Clinica” Vallejo Ca . (Poetry Reading)
5/4/08 Delta Sigma Theta event Fairfield. Book signing