On March 2nd 2011, Alfonzo Tucker took a leap of faith, after almost thirteen years as a deputy sheriff with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department; he submitted a two-week notice and his letter of resignation. Alfonzo has a master’s degree in psychology and plans to earn a PhD in Clinical Psychology.letters_cover

A note from the author:
In my life I would much rather prevent people from going to jail, as oppose to arresting or investigating them for future convictions. I have developed programs, which consist of journal writing and physical exercise as a form of therapy, combined with psychological guidance counseling. My mission is to provide positive development for ones physical and mental health. I believe my life path has developed in the fashion of inspiration! I am a man who has never met his biological mother. I also emancipated from the California foster care system. If I followed in the footsteps of my biological father, I would be the type of man who profits from drugs sales and the solicitation of women. My desire is to offer positive inspiration to absolutely every person on this planet. I believe that goal can be achieved through my writing, speaking and counseling!